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Note:These are not medical graded devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). We do not recommend these type of face masks as a defense against the person who is wearing it from contracting a virus. They are intended for personal use in non-medical settings in the hope of containing the virus. See below for important tips on wearing and washing these masks.


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Personalized Face Mask Tips : How to wear & wash your masks

We strongly recommend you follow the below tips, which outline how to put on, take off and clean your customized face masks:

How to wash a Face Mask:

• Before you use your customized mask for the first time, wash your mask and your face – and then wash your mask after every    use.
• We recommend washing in hot water (at least 60 degrees Celsius) with regular detergent. Dry your mask immediately. Make    sure your mask is completely dry before you use it.
• Change your face mask regularly to prevent condensation buildup.

How to put on a Face Mask:

• Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the mask.
• Raise the mask to nose level, then place the elastic band over the crown of your head.
• Pull the bottom of the mask down, over your mouth and chin.
• Mold or press the mask’s upper edge to the shape of your nose.

How to remove a Face Mask:

• Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the mask.
• Reach back to touch the elastic band. Do not touch the front of your mask (it may be contaminated).
• Lift the elastic band up and over your head, then remove the mask from your face.
• Clean your hands again, using soap and water (or hand sanitizer)


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